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We are the neighborhoods of 89052. Working together to educate our neighbors on the concerns & safety issues in our neighborhood.

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I live off of Shasta Glow Ct.

because of the petty crime in my neighborhood I have organized my neighbors to create this "Community Watch Program". We are tired of these actions and are working together to educate people in our neighborhood to keep our community safer.

Community Watch Protocols

1. Keep Your Distance

Keep at least 7-10 ft. If they run do not chase. Do not be the aggressor.

Do not be emotional

4. Walk Away

We are not the police

We are not vigilantes

2. Approach Polite
& Informative

Approach ready to inform person about our neighborhood dangers

*after informing person resort to policy 4

3. If issue use camera

Using camera/phone with flash on ready to Inform person. "you are recording for our safety, the neighborhood has been facing alot of petty crime so please besafe. 

Our goal is to show a united front as a neighborhood to ensure we all can sleep safe. 


The Community Watch

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Art saenz successes community
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